Equestrian tourism is more than just a fun outdoor activity for riding enthusiasts – its an eco-friendly means to explore an area with local people, and their horses.

The equine sector in Europe alone provides jobs for almost 1 million people. With the technological advancements of agriculture, more and more horses have found themselves ‘without a job’ over the past 50 years.

Equitourism offers horses a job. It also means jobs for local people.

Equitourism preserves culture and history. Horses have been part of humankinds lifestyles for thousands of years. To really understand a culture, one needs to experience it. Horse riding holidays allow equestrians to combine their passion with the possibility to learn about other horse cultures, breeds, tack and history.

Horses help reduce the carbon footprint of tourists in delicate ecosystems. Horses create far less soil erosian than machinery and keep historical bridleways and trails open for other users (hikers, birdwalkers, hunters, cyclists).

Horse manure leads to nitrification of soils and rivers and enriches nutrient-poor
soils. It is also 100% natural, therefore decreases the need for farmers to use chemical fertilizers on their less arable fields. Horse grazing also prevents shrub invasions and lowers the risk of summer fires.

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